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Anzio, the birthplace of the three partners, is where the Acquasanta project was born.
The fish, representing the most significant part of the menu of the restaurant,  comes from the uncontaminated and unpolluted sea on the south Lazio coast line, supplied directly by the fish company owned by Giuseppe de Angelis, one of the Members , and it is purchased directly from the family’s fishmongers at Anzio's daily fish auction. 
Freshness and quality are guaranteed by the owners’ three generations old passion and commitment for our sea and the seasonality of its ichthyic products . 
An important point on which the “project”  bases its selection is the traceability of the product to be consumed, a short and family operated production and supply chain allows the raw material’s freshness and quality to stand out in every single dish. 

The sea at its finest. This is the slogan and the wavelength  of the “ACQUASANTA PROJECT” and entrepreneurial idea of Paolo Fiorenza and Alessandro Bernabei. An industrial environment with large windows, open space kitchen , soft lights, lovely sounds around and complete craftsmanship everywhere  in any single thing around, from the furniture to the lights.The comfortable and pleasant environment allows the customer to feel antique sensations but at the same time , enjoying his meal  in a contemporary and innovative place, leaving the external world outside for a few moments and get into a suspended and separated lovely and relaxing environment.This is not a standard restaurants, it is instead and surely a venue of true gastronomic delight where nothing is protagonist but the pleasure of tasting the sea.



La sua idea è quella di offrire una cucina di mare moderna ma fedele al concetto di "tradizione", utilizzando materie prime di altissima qualità.

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